Julie’s happiness is all natural

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Problems release stress. In case of Julie Ringnes it triggered curiosity and constructive thinking that led to creating a start-up focusing on skin care. The Lykke by Julie products don’t promise to make you any younger. But applying healthy nutrition to the skin is the simplest thing a woman can do to make her skin look beautiful. Nature takes care of most things. But what about happiness...?

– What happiness is? Julie Ringnes has given that question a lot of thought. Som much, she had named her facial oil products after the Norwegian meaning of the word, and for the sake of comprehending the meaning of happiness: Lykke by Julie. Maybe happiness is to understand and accept the natural ageing of the skin, or maybe it’s happiness to avoid applying products to the skin that contains unhealthy chemicals. Maybe it will make you happy to know that the ingredients in Julie’s skin products only can offer your skin healthy nutrition because all the ingredients are natural?


Nature works for you

– It’s reassuring to know that nature takes care of most things, says Julie and hints realistically that happiness not only is skin oil products on flasks she designed herself, but also the fact that she developed the products containing natural ingredients with love and care.
– The way I make the products transfers to the costumer that buys it. It kind of follows into their lives, and they get a little happiness in the flask. It does well for the skin as well. She smiles.

Lykke by Julie does not promise to make you younger. But applying healthy nutritious ingredients is simple. There’s always a time to do it.

Lykke by Julie is a growing concept. And in addition to that, it’s about the creation of each product and about the realisation of the dream I carry, even though I know I’m challenging an established market of famous cosmetic brands.

– To make a dram come true, to create a startup, to see that the work you do matters, that the concept is moving forward, to work towards goals, to experience the development and grows… I am for sure experiencing moments of happiness just doing that, living the dream, she says.


Happiness is all natural

But reality for Julie wasn’t always happy. It started out quite unhappy. But the unhappiness that she had to face when her kids had eczema, became the seed of her enterprise. As a mother, she felt there was nothing she could do to help her loved ones, it was completely out of her control to be able to cure the skin problems. In the times she was a desperate mum. She tried everything, searched high and low for products to help. But she couldn’t find anything. In the end, she did what all mothers would do, tried to find her own solution.


Wanted to help her children relieving eczema

– Lykke by Julie was created because I was trapped with a problem. My children suffered from exzema, but I was unable to find products that could relieve their sufferings. So I started to experiment with natural oils and ingredients. I needed a product that didn’t exist, and ended up by making it myself. Whilst searching for a solution for my kids, I started a travel of knowledge. Now, I’m a producer of skin products!

Lykke by Julie is a home made product that was created to give Julie’s children a better quality of life. She blends her products in the kitchen with love and care.

In difficult times, she didn’t hesitate empowering the process of creating wonders of nature. With love and natural ingredients, the story of Lykke by Julie would actually prove to give her children a better life. And not having the perfect skin herself, Julie learned that her own skin became healthy when applying her home made products. She made a few different mixtures. She happily noticed how different skin types reacted differently to other ingredients. Julie continued her research.

A skin care line of four natural products

– I made my first mixture of skin oils because I needed a product that didn’t exist, and now I’m a maker of healthy and nutritious facial oils that makes the skin soft and smooth, and glowingly fresh, she sais.

As of today, Julie has a product line of four products that contains two facial oils, a lip balm and an organic cognac sponge to rinse the skin. All the products arrive in deliciously made packaging.


Happiness is to provide important nutrition to the skin

– I have developed Lykke by Julie – by adding a drop of love – and created products which only purpouse is to provide important nutrition to the skin. You don’t avoid wrinkles or lines, and you don’t get any younger by using these products. Julie laughs. She will not promise anything but for you to maintain a healthy glowing skin by using her products on a daily basis.

– Inn all my products you only find natural ingredients, to be used as much as you want  without feeling guilty of poisoning the environment in any way. By knowing that, my products can make you an addict, Julie teases.

Lykke by Julie is the product that didn’t exist. The facial oils Glød and Skåne will not remove wrinkles or lines. But your skin will gain beautiful glow through natural nutrition.

Natural products works well for the skin

– Do you ever think that applying oil on the skin can make it appear oily and unnatural?

– People easily thinks that oil and oily skin is the same thing. But it’s not. We need Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to regain the balance in the skin – that is if there’s to little concentration of it in the skin, which it often is, she explains. The skin is the last organ that absorbs the important nutritions from the fatty acids, that stays in the inner organs before ever reaching the skin if we eat them. It can make the skin a bit oily or a bit dry. That’s usually what we call “combination skin”, skin conditions lots of people already know.


Does oil on the skin create oily skin?

– No, that’s a misunderstanding. It is the other way around, we are supposed to add the important fatty acids to the skin to avoid both oily or dry skin conditions. For example, by using Glød, because it contains seeds from Black Currant. This is the seed that has the optimal combination of the two most important fatty acids we know.

If you are anxious of the oil’s texture will appear oily or be perceived as oily skin, then simply apply the facial oil at night before you go to bed.

– By adding it in the evening, the oil will work in your skin while you sleep. And what’s better than not even have to think about it, Julie smiles.


Natural oils contains important fatty acids

The natural mixtures feels smooth on the skin, and knowing that all ingredients are natural, your mind also feels wonderful. You’ll find ingredients like seeds from Blueberry, Lingonberry, Black Currant, oils from peach, wheat germ and avocado oil, just to mention some ingredients. They contain essential fatty acids and vitamines. Nutrients works to recover, strengthen and keep the natural condition of the skin and leaves a fresh glow.


Happiness is to take care of the skin

To add important nutrition to the skin, is the simplest way for a woman to look natural. To let nature do the job by adding nourishing ingredients the natural way – there’s no way to manipulate the skin to make it look healthier.

– And why keep a container of skin products when simplicity talks, and you only need very few ? We all live in busy times, the skin needs to breathe and relax. To let the products work while you do other tasks, must most probably be the best thing a women can experience, says Julie Ringnes.